Traditional Industry

DM-TM provides automation solutions for traditional industries. DM-TM staff conduct careful, on-the-ground study of each traditional process and clearly identify its drawbacks. DM-TM then provides software-based solutions to improve the efficiency of the production and distribution systems. 

With Shirtal DiaCam Ltd DM-TM are still a part of this wonderful project.

The DiaCam360 is the most popular,fully-automatic, 360° imaging and marketing system in the world for

white and fancy color loose diamonds, including rough or gemstones.With DiaCam360 anyone can create HD photos & 360° interactive videos of diamonds in their own office. No

technical knowledge or photography skills required.Easy to Share Anywhere - Easy sharing on any B2B or B2C

websites, Email, Facebook,

WhatsApp, eBay, YouTube or any

other social platform. Sell Your Diamonds Faster